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Those delicious gluten free almond based shells are the most finest and amazing French pastry, it takes some time to make them but totally worth it.


On our Aten-Te Aute Lab we like to do Macaron on a traditional way, so take your time and enjoy.  


Prep Time

30 min

Cook Time

30 min

Total Time

40 min


18 units



Clean equipment's with white vinegar before starting this recipe 




Place almond flour/powder & icing/confectionary sugar on a medium size bowl, then mix it well with a whisk to break lumps; sift it into a larger bowl and reserve 





  1. To make French Merengue, place eggs whites inside a bowl,  start whisking then with a hand/stand mixer (start from low speed) increase gradually. During this process, sugar needs to be added in 2 parts, the first will be added when egg white has larger air bubbles then the second part need to be added once getting almost a heavy pick. Continue whisking until getting a heavy pick (this process may take about 8 to 10 min in total) 






  1. To do Shells, place French Merengue on top of almond blend, at this time colour can be added. With a spatula start incorporating all the ingredients; gently

  2. Between 25 to 40 movements with the spatula, you will have a soft mixture that will spread around like lava (slowly spreading away) and it should be shinny

  3. Turn on the oven to 145°C (290°F), prepare de baking tray with parchment paper placing template underneath**

  4. Place the almond mixture on a pre-set pipping bag with a nozzle number 7 and start making the forms desired on top of the baking tray

  5. Remove bubbles from each macaron by tapping the tray three times on top of the counter, then let them dry for about 5min

  6. Cook between 11 - 13min, before taking the tray out poke the shells from the very first row 

  7. After cooking, place shells on an cooling rack 


  1. To do Macarons, as a final step you need to fill them**

  2. Keep Macarons inside the fridge


 **(Shells templates or fillers are available under notes and recipes related to macaron)

Bonne dégustation



  • We have made Macarons with either aged or fresh egg white. To be honest we did not find a big difference in between just the texture of the egg whites that becomes liquid. If you have spear egg whites never throw them away, you may freeze them and use it later on. 

  • You may do different shapes to yours Macarons, please click on the desirable TEMPLATE bellow: 


At Aten-Te Aute we have created three lists that includes equipments, ingredients and places in France that we recommend, we use them either for personal or professional purposes, we invite you to have a look: 

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