Marie-Antoinette - Cartoon Make-up

Marie-Antoinette frame
Make-up set
Kryolan make up
Louis XVI make-up
Marie-Antoienette make up

What we’ll do?

« Let Them Eat Cake! »

Step through an unassuming door in Paris and prepare to be led into a CartOon workshop inspired on Marie-Antoinette Queen, indeed…

1- We will start by explaining the main dress and make-up codes of the 18th century,

2- Cartoon face painting: make-up and instructions will be provided,

3- Female and male Foam Wigs inspired on 18th century will be available,

4- We will take pictures with your smartphone and with our equipment’s


It will be a great memory of your trip in Paris! and we will propose some macarons, sparkling wine or tea to share this time.

What I’ll provide?

  • Make-up for face painting (brand Kryolan) & foam Wig (borrow)

  • French pastries

  • Sparkling wine, coffee or tea 

Who can come?

Guests ages 4 and up can attend​


How long?

Duration 1,5 Hours